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AJ Styles Debuts At Royal Rumble


2016's Royal Rumble was a huge step up from the 2015 edition, even if two of its biggest stars from that year (John Cena and Seth Rollins) are on the shelf with injuries.

The biggest news is that AJ Styles, once the hottest free agent in wrestling, spent almost 30 minutes in the Rumble, locking up with Chris Jericho, Kane, Roman Reigns and many others before getting tossed by Kevin Owens to massive boo's. It was very smart to use Owens to eliminate him, as he has both the cred and the skills so that the crowd wouldn't shit on him.

Owens was one of many highlights, with Jericho, NXT star Sammi Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose putting in other notable performances. The crowd's least favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns, was beat down by the League of Nations, the latest band of McMahon-approved thugs parading through the decades-old "evil authority" storyline. And while both the League and the Wyatt Family were highlighted, in the end it was wily old Triple H who lasted until the very end, dumping Ambrose to win the Rumble AND the title. That would have made me furious years ago, but now? Bring on the Triple H title run!

Owens and Ambrose had the match of the night earlier with a Last Man Standing match involving tables and nasty power moves. The Dudleys had a nostalgic little tag match with the undercard nobodies, up-and-coming luchadore Kalisto put on a fine performance against Alberto Del Rio, and Charlotte Flair had a great match with the Irish maiden Becky Lynch. All in all it was a fun Rumble worth the watch.

That's awesome about AJ. FINALLY. I was sad to hear that H put himself over again... but oh well.

Anyone but Roman. Even HHH in 2016.


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