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Author Topic: 99 Homes ***  (Read 996 times)


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99 Homes ***
« on: February 12, 2016, 02:01:34 PM »

What started out as a very compelling and realistic look at real estate parasites falls apart at the back end due to a weepy pathetic performance from spider-wimp Andrew Garfield. I don't understand why he gets roles. His acting is the direct opposite of co-star Michael Shannon's perfectly understated performace. Aaron Paul would have been a better choice to play the down on his luck contractor Dennis Nash. Making Garfield's mumbling phoney Peter Parker repeat even worse, the director decided to shoot every one of his close-ups with a 24mm wide angle lens to "show the characters internal conflict." So I can't entirely blame Garfield for the movie falling apart. A silly and cliched morality tale ending did just as much to ruin it.

We start off strong, post the real estate bubble burst, as Garfield, son, and mother (Laura Dern) get evicted hardcore style. Garfield ends up working for the broker who evicted him (Shannon) who shows him how to scam Fannie May and Freddie Mac for big bucks. Garfield's lower lip trebles more and more as the movie goes on as he steals and cheats people out of their homes. First problem though is that we don't really feel any sympathy for the evictees. If you stop paying your loan back what is the bank supposed to do? Just eat the loss and give you a free house? Then for the first half of the movie Nash seems fine with getting rich, but then suddenly when his crazy mom (who doesn't have two dimes to rub together) doesn't like it, he feels bad. There's not much worse in a movie or show when a character feels the need to clean their conscious in an annoyingly public way when it does more harm than good. By the third act you end up hating Garfield way more than Shannon's heartless, but cool as ice con man. Shannon carries the movie and makes it watchable but Andrew Garfield just sucks. I hope he stops being cast in movies very soon.

3 homes outta 5


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Re: 99 Homes ***
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2016, 03:06:39 PM »

Andrew Garfield has been shit in everything I've seen him in, so apparently I need to watch this turd. Michael Shannon is amazing in EVERYTHING I've seen him in, so hopefully he can balance out the terrible.