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Title: Deadpool Kills the Box Office
Post by: Crowtista on February 15, 2016, 12:19:39 PM
From Boxofficemojo.com

Blowing away even the most lofty of expectations, Deadpool decimated the Valentine's and President's Day weekend box office in record-breaking fashion with an estimated $135 million three-day weekend. As for its incoming competition, How to be Single performed mostly as expected while fifteen years proved too long to wait to release Zoolander 2.

Rewriting the box office record books, Deadpool broke Fifty Shades of Grey's previous February opening weekend record by nearly $45 million based on estimates and that's just the start. The largest opening for an R-rated film was previously $91.7 million, set by The Matrix Reloaded in 2003. That's been destroyed. The largest opening weekend for an R-rated comic book adaptation was previously set by 300 with $70.8 million. Bye, bye.

This is even the largest opening weekend ever for 20th Century Fox, beating a record of $108.4 million previously held by Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Though, to be fair, Revenge of the Sith did open on a Thursday where it brought in $50 million so it's not a complete apples-to-apples comparison, but it does bring us to Deadpool's expected four-day run.

Right now Fox is estimating a $150 million four-day weekend while rival studios go as high as $156 million. In just its first two days Deadpool nearly broke the previous President's Day weekend record of $93 million set by Fifty Shades of Grey, so it already holds the overall record, now it's only a matter of how much will it end up making once Monday's official totals are revealed.

This is also the largest opening for star Ryan Reynolds, a distinction previously held by X-Men Origins: Wolverine at $85 million. More exciting, however, may be the fact this is the largest opening weekend for a first-time director. Deadpool was directed by Tim Miller whose previous credits include a pair of short films along with serving as a visual effects guru for video games including "Mass Effect 2" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic". The previous record holder was Chris Miller, director of Shrek the Third, which opened with $121.6 million back in 2007. As far as live action films are concerned, Robert Stromberg held the previous record with the $69.4 million opening for Maleficent.

The weekend is also coming up roses for Deadpool overseas as the film brought in a whopping $125 million from 61 international markets. This is the third highest grossing international opening for Fox ever. Among the accolades, the film scored the largest industry opening in Russia with $12.4 million as well as the largest Fox opening in 13 other markets including Australia ($10m); Taiwan ($8.25m); Brazil ($5.9m); Hong Kong ($3.8m); and Malaysia ($2.9m). Overall we're looking at a $260.1 million worldwide debut for the "Merc with a Mouth".
Title: Re: Deadpool Kills the Box Office
Post by: Brillo on February 16, 2016, 11:29:43 AM
I had so much fun at this movie. Reynolds killed it.
Title: Re: Deadpool Kills the Box Office
Post by: Deafula on February 17, 2016, 09:37:47 AM
Yeah, I was glad they basically made it a crazy Warner Bros. cartoon brought to life. Super violent, tons of sex, and the kind of manic energy that the character seemed to need. Just shy of Crank 2 in the wildness department, but definitely on par with the first Crank.

I literally know nothing about the character, was this on par with his portrayal in the comics?
Title: Re: Deadpool Kills the Box Office
Post by: Brillo on February 22, 2016, 08:54:47 AM
They toned him down a lot actually. The way he acted is spot on, but they toned down his power level a bit. Some of his power he gets from some things he's picked up over the years, so there is more than enough room for him to grow.
Title: Re: Deadpool Kills the Box Office
Post by: Gunslinger on February 22, 2016, 11:40:27 AM